Do yourself a favor and hire Systems by Susie. I have seen how this works for her personally and love how she has managed to create something that doesn't seem overwhelming, but do-able. The minute something becomes intimidating to me I shut down (one reason I can't stand Martha Stewart, she's too much) but Susie gives people like me confidence! And it is SO true that living in an organized space creates peace and happiness.


Susie helped me to organize my kitchen "command center" and streamline my process for going through paperwork.  Now, everything has a place, and it's much easier to maintain order in our kitchen.  She possesses a wealth of knowledge about many useful things... from cool new apps for your phone, to successful chore charts for your kids.  I really enjoyed working with her!


“I never thought we were disorganized, but after Susie came in and organized us, I realize what a huge difference real organization can make.  The house is cleaner now that everything has its place.”
I have re-dubbed you Parenting and Life Guru....your systems will and are making my life so much easier - but the accompanying advice and techniques are invaluable too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't tell you how much it helps to have someone who knows so much come in and just basically teach me how to fix everything!"


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the systems Susie put in place.  Everything has a home now and it makes for a far cleaner and functional household.  It’s a dream.”


From the moment Susie walked into my house she started to organize my chaos.  She was able to figure out my "hot spots" that get messy and immediately came up with great solutions. Right away, Susie rolled up her sleeves and got right into my chaotic mess which has resulted from our busy home life with children and running a business out of my home.  She asked all the right questions and worked with what I had to make order out of several disaster zones.  Susie worked non-stop while she was here and when she left she sent me several other helpful tips to stay organized.  I am now inspired to be more productive at work since I actually enjoy siting at my organized desk.  And, I am finally happy to open up my closets and cabinets and find them so neat and organized.  The day after Susie left, I had the best night's sleep I've had in ages. The whole house feels so much more peaceful now.  Thank you, Susie!"


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