Know Better, Do Better...

I feel like there has been a shift this past week-in our country, and in my life.

A shift in awareness to the pain that Black people have been experiencing for far too long.

A shift in attitude that it’s not enough to simply be not racist. I need to be actively and vocally anti-racist.

A shift in acknowledging my white privilege and realizing how I need to show up better for the Black community.

A shift in noticing that before this week, my social media feed was full of people who looked like me. My podcast lineups were mostly created by white hosts. My kids’ bookshelves didn’t include books featuring or written by people of color.

Because of this shift, I’ve spent the past week listening, learning, and acting. Race is a difficult and complicated issue, and even though I don’t know the right words to say, I won’t miss the opportunity to speak up in this moment.

This cultural shift gives me hope. In the midst of a pandemic, people have taken to the streets and united over the call for racial justice.

While this shifting cultural change is far from being enough, it is a start. Starting now and continuing long after all the protests are over, I am making some changes personally and professionally.

Here’s what I’m doing:

I’m listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and reading articles to educate myself.

I will vote in every local election. The article, “How to Make This Moment the Turning Point for Real Change” helped me understand the importance of electing city mayors and county executives.

I will make an effort to seek out relationships with Black women, and listen to podcasts hosted by people of color. (If you have any suggestions for podcasts, please let me know.)

I will have the hard conversations about race in my own home and with friends and sit in the discomfort as needed.

I will speak up when I see someone from the Black community--or any race or gender--treated unjustly.

I hope to diversify my team and feature more Black professional organizers in my social media accounts.

We will continue to treat ALL our clients with kindness and respect, as that has been a core value of Systems by Susie from the start.

These changes don’t erase the past or fully represent everything that needs to fundamentally change in the future, but, it’s a start. I ask for your patience while l listen and learn.


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