First Day of School Printables

My kids are getting ready to head back to school tomorrow. While I'm preparing the moves for my happy dance, we are also doing some school prep today. This afternoon, we'll prep the lunches for the whole week, iron school uniforms, and talk through our morning and after-school routines.

My kids do best when they know what to expect, especially the youngest one who is starting Kindergarten this year. She wants to know what she'll be wearing, how we'll do her hair, what will happen once she arrives at school, when I'll say goodbye, etc. Verbally walking her through the morning step-by-step makes her feel more at ease.

I've also been thinking ahead to how I want to document the first day of school. I printed out a sign for my kids to hold up saying what grade they are starting. You can do a quick search on Pinterest for free back to school printables, but here are two of my favorites. (Click on the images to download them.)


From Kids Activities Blog:

We are also going to come up with a school year "motto." Seasons of Renewal's website has a video with advice for choosing your motto, as well as some cute prints you can purchase and print out.

Photo from

Jamie from Wander and Scout suggested having a Back to School Feast and introducing the motto then. I love that idea!

What traditions do you have for Back to School?

Happy Back to School to kids and parents alike!


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