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The School Memory Box

Contain the Chaos
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the piles of your children’s artwork?
Do you feel guilty for never finishing your child’s baby book?
Are you worried that your child’s art and school work is mixed up by ages and years?
Are you concerned that the art is getting damaged because of the way it’s stored?
Do the piles of papers on your kitchen island cause clutter and stress you out?
Are you uncertain of what to keep and what to throw out (without feeling guilty about it)?
Do you have a child who wants to keep Every. Single. Paper?


The average child brings home 1200 pieces
of artwork over 12 years.
No wonder moms like you are DROWNING in mountains of your children’s artwork and school papers.  
You want to keep them safe, cherished, and organized forever, but don’t have a system that you can easily keep up with.
You have the desire to capture your child’s sweet memories and creations, but don’t have the time to create something on your own.
Thankfully, I have a solution.
Busy modern moms like you need a convenient, ready-made
solution to get a handle on the clutter and chaos that results from an over-abundance of your child’s school papers and keepsakes.
I understand how easily clutter and stress can make it difficult to enjoy your children, your home, and your life.
With my School Memory Box, you can create a life you love and a home you are proud of.
By using my system, you will have:  
  • a way to manage the daily flood of paper that comes into your home from the mailbox and your kids’ backpacks.
  • a way to save your children’s treasures without feeling guilty or overwhelmed
  • a system in place that can be used from preschool through high school.


The School Memory Box is a personalized, custom colored and designed storage container for keeping memorable papers, art projects, cute stories, photos, report cards, and handwriting through the years.  
Each year has a separate area for storage and a customized ‘Memory Page’ detailing your child’s year to include everything from their favorite subject to their current BFFs!
The box comes with detailed instructions and a sequence of videos of how to determine what to show, what to throw, what to savor, and what to save!
This isn't just a product, it's a SYSTEM.



  • 18 Hanging File Folders in 2 colors
  • 2 Personalized 8.5” x 11” color labels with your child's name
  • Many cute patterns and colors to choose from
  • File Folder Labels with space for your child’s school, teacher’s name, and year
  • File Tab Labels with “Early Years” to “High School.” Additional tabs for “Hobbies,” “Medical,” and “Sports.” You can customize your box to fit your needs by adding only the labels that apply.
  • 18 “My School Year Memories“ sheets to complete at the end of each school year to capture special memories from that year, including one for the Early Years
  • 18 high quality clear protective sleeves for school and sports photos
  • A page of stickers with your child’s name on it and space for the year and age, to use for oversized artwork.
  • A "Keep or Recycle" Printable to help you decide what to keep and what to recycle.
  • Written Instructions and Step-by-Step Video on how to set up the system and use your School Memory Box
  • Everything is assembled for you and ready to put into a file container of your choice (must be purchased separately)


“The School Memory Boxes were one of the best purchases I have made!  Before these I had no system for storing my children's school, sports and event/club momentos.  I didn't want to toss all those special memories - but who can store all those items?  I love this solution! Takes the stress out of what to save and how to organize it. No more baby book guilt! This is so easy and super cute.”



“Before The School Memory Box came in to my life i was keeping way too many projects from my children’s school days. I absolutely love our boxes! It has changed our lives now that every special project has its own safe place and I even have my own Mom’s Keepsakes Box!”



Once I had a box for each of my four children the system was so easy.  Now that we have had these for a few years, not only do I use them, but my children will all set aside items for the memory boxes and file keepsakes themselves.  It truly does help us declutter!  We can periodically go through their work, art, pictures, awards, etc. and decide what they want to keep in the memory box for that grade and what isn't as important.” 



“Susie is the four star general of organization. With Susie's help and imagination, I was able to transform duffle bags and shoe boxes full of pictures, letters, and family documents into an aesthetically-pleasing array of manageable materials using her Memory Box System.  All my family heirlooms of the paper variety are neatly organized and totally accessible. Susie has a knack for tackling projects in a fun, meaningful and totally efficient way. She's the Mozart of paper flow management!”




Hi! I'm Susie and I live in Annapolis, Maryland, with my 3 amazing kids and husband. I spend my days as a professional organizer helping busy moms transform their homes and lives.
When my oldest child started pre-school, I didn’t have a system in place for all his cute art projects and school papers that came home each day.  
Fast forward to kindergarten where I found myself drowning in artwork, with 3 giant plastic bins stuffed to the brim. It became an overwhelming project I didn’t have the time or desire to take on.
I knew I needed a better solution.
I took all the best ideas out there and designed the School Memory Box™. It stores and preserves school year mementos from preschool to high school in one custom keepsake box.
No more piles. No unfinished baby books weighing me down with guilt (that was the best part!). No more chaos. It’s contained and easy to maintain. This was an idea too good not to share.
I told some friends and they were eager to have the same system, but were busy like me, and had no time to DIY. They wanted the opportunity to buy this convenient, ready-made solution.
Hence, "Systems by Susie" was born.  I started selling my boxes and my business took off right away, mostly from word-of-mouth referrals.  Moms tell me all the time how much they love this product and how relieved they feel after using it. They say it’s changed their lives for the better. And I couldn’t love what I’m doing any more.
There is a NEED for beautiful organization products that help busy moms manage their daily lives and I want to be the one to create them.
I appreciate you supporting my small business!
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