How the Home Organization Process Works




Step 1-Contact me to set up a time to meet.  Sometimes this first step can be the hardest one. Don’t let embarrassment about your current situation prevent you for reaching out for help!




Step 2- I’ll come to your home with NO judgement.  Don’t race around cleaning up everything before my visit.  I want to see what your life REALLY looks like so I know how to help you. It is a guilt-free, judgement-free, one-parent-to-another organizing sesh.  What I see stays in the vault. 




Step 3- We’ll talk about your goals and needs first.  I'll ask a LOT of questions. I'll give you all of my best and brightest ideas. If it’s a small project, we’ll jump right in and get started.  I come armed with my label maker and tape measure! I'll give you a rough estimate of how many hours it will take to complete the job and a plan in place.




Step 4- I will follow up our visit by sending you a private Pinterest Board (that only you can see) filled with links to organization products and solutions that I think might help your individual situation. 




Step 5- We’ll set up a time and get started!  We will purge, donate, sort, find storage products, install and label. My goal is to work WITH you to set up easy systems that are guaranteed to succeed because they’ve been designed just for you and your family’s lifestyle and habits.




Step 6- I will follow up with you via email or phone and we can access what is working and what isn’t, and make some improvements.  The goal is for the system to be easily maintained, and if it’s not, we’ll figure out why and "tweak" it.








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