Frequently Asked Questions


I'd like to order a School Keepsake System, but live in Annapolis, Maryland. Can I pick up the box instead of paying for shipping?
Absolutely!! Use the promo code "NAPTOWN" when checking out to be refunded the shipping charges.  If you have any difficulty, please email me at  Once your box is ready, we can schedule a pick up.


Does the School Keepsake System come with the plastic file box?
No, however you will receive everything else you need to start organizing your child's artwork.  I've stopped shipping the file boxes because they make shipping SO much more expensive.  But you can order the same ones using this link: (affiliate link)
The personalized name label will come with glue lines attached.  All you have to do is peel and stick it on the inside of the file box. Easy peasy!
You will also receive 18 fully assembled file folders that each have labels on the front for the grade and teacher's name, a School Memories Interview Sheet, and a page protector to use for storing class and sports photos. 
Printed File Tabs will come with each box and are left for you to add the customized stickers. That way, if your child went to 1 year of preschool, or 3, you can design your School Keepsake System just the way you want it!



How long will it take to receive my School Keepsake System once my order is placed?
Expect to receive your School Keepsake System in 2-3 weeks, but sooner if possible!​
Should I clean my house before you come the first time?
Please don't!  I am a judgement-free zone and am always completely confidential.  I would prefer to see your house in its natural state so I can identify your "hot zones."  Besides, the "Before" and "After" photos will look much more dramatic this way. :)


Do you do local speaking engagements?
Yes! I love speaking to groups on Home Organization, Organizing School Papers and Keepsakes, Creating Drop Zones, School Lunch Systems, School Memory Systems™ and more. Email me at

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