5 Days to Organized School Papers Challenge

Join me for a Free Live 5-Day Challenge starting on Monday, April 30, 2018! See if you can relate: Your child comes home from school with yet another picture of a castle/triceratops/thumbprint creation. But there’s a problem. There isn’t one inch left on your refrigerator. Her artwork from last year is still piled up in the corner. If you file the drawing (stealthily yet respectfully) in the recycling bin, she’ll find it in one hot second.You've got kid clutter of the sweetest kind. It’s the same in every home I visit as a Professional Organizer. I read that 1200 pieces of papers come home each year from school. 1200!!!!! No wonder we are overwhelmed as moms. That's 1200 decisions that need

5 Tips to a Squeaky Clean Fridge

This post contains affiliate links. Does the inside of your refrigerator stress you out? Are you wasting fresh produce, losing items you were sure you bought, and a little bit grossed out by what’s at the back of those shelves? If so, it's time for some spring cleaning. Plus, once you clean and organize your refrigerator, you'll be able to eat healthier, find what you need (when you need it), and waste less food, which in turn, saves you money. Here are five tips to give your fridge a refresh: Tip #1 Start Fresh First, take everything out and group things into categories on your kitchen counter. Place all drinks together, condiments, leftovers, vegetables, fruits, etc. While you are emptyi

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