Home Organization Challenge Round Up

This post contains affiliate links. If you are anything like me, when December 26th hits, you are ready to throw out the entire contents of your house. It may have something to do with the perfect storm of all the new stuff accumulated at Christmas, combined with the desire to start off the new year with a clean slate. Whatever the reason, take advantage of the itch to organize and utilize the momentum to make it happen. Tis the season for organization challenges, and so I rounded up my favorites, including descriptions and links for each. If you know yourself well enough that you'll never complete a challenge, then rather than making a new year's resolution that you won't keep, just schedul

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links. December already feels like it is racing by. I've been avoiding doing any holiday shopping in my attempt to have a more intentional holiday season. (Read more about that here.) It's been working, a little too well, because I realized that I'd better start purchasing the things on my kids' intentional wish list or they won't arrive in time for Christmas! :) In the process, I started thinking about a few of my favorite things from 2017 and decided to put it together in a Gift Guide. This list is very practical. If you are going to bring more stuff in your home this holiday, it might as well be USEFUL stuff. :) I noticed a theme as I was putting this list to

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