8 Steps to Get Organized (for Good!)

Every year on December 26th, I inevitably feel the same way. I feel suffocated by all the STUFF we have in our house. We already have too much, and then Santa and grandparents bring even MORE stuff, and we are left bursting at the seams. This feeling, coupled by the kids being home from school, usually means a serious cleaning and purging in each room of the house. My poor children. They just want to play with their new Nintendo 3DS, and instead I have them sorting and purging their t-shirt drawers. January is the perfect time to organize. It’s cold outside, your calendar is wide open, and it’s the season of fresh starts. A new year means brand new planners, new year’s resolutions, and lo

Last Minute Holiday Toy & Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links. It's officially the LAST DAY to order gifts using Amazon Prime if you want them to arrive before Christmas. I asked my good friend, Abby Geismar, to share some last minute holiday gifts because she is the best gift giver I know! And since Christmas will be here in just a few days, read on and start adding these items to your Amazon cart. Instead of looking like a SLACKER, you will look like a STAR! Take it away Abby... Ah – it’s that time of year again! Shopping without guilt – shopping because you MUST – shopping because Santa is coming soon! As the ultimate consumer/customer/bargain hunter/shopping master/parent…I feel fully equipped to provide this ye

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