My Story

If you’ve landed on this page, my guess is that some (maybe all?) of the following are true for you:

  • you feel overwhelmed and stressed by clutter

  • you’re so busy, you can barely able to keep up, let alone get ahead

  • your to-do list is a mile long and never done

  • you feel like it’s all on you

  • you feel like there’s stuff everywhere

  • you have mom-guilt about the current state of your home



Now, here’s the good news: you’re not alone! Every one of us has felt this way--including me! But I’ve learned those negative thoughts are just one side of the coin. Here’s the positive side:


  • you’re a fan of organization (even if you haven’t figured out what to do with a few scary closets or drawers)

  • you’re looking to bring simplicity to your life

  • you want to develop smooth morning and afternoon routines, healthy habits, and lasting traditions for your family

  • you want a house where everyone is doing their share (so it’s not all on you)

  • you want a place for everything

  • you want to raise kids who will be great adults

  • you’re motivated to be the best version of yourself, but you don’t know where to start



And here’s even better news: I can help you get there! My systems can help you:


  • have more space for what really matters

  • feel proud of your home

  • get your house under control

  • clear away clutter

  • develop smooth, sustainable morning and afternoon routines for your kids

  • know where things go

  • raise kids who have increased responsibilities the older they get

  • feel like the best version of yourself and free from mom-guilt!



My Story



Even though I’ve had several different jobs over the years, they’ve all been about one thing: helping everyday people bring sanity and order to the overwhelming, chaotic parts of their lives. At Pensacola Junior College, I helped young people overwhelmed by their first year of college have successful freshman years in my College Success class. As a wedding coordinator, I helped brides overwhelmed with wedding planning have smooth, joyous, stress-free weddings. And now, I help individuals and businesses that are overwhelmed get back in control using systems.


It all started with a cute little handprint.


When my oldest child started pre-school, I didn’t have a plan or system for all his cute art projects, so I just kept them on my kitchen counter.


After watching them pile up, I moved them into a large storage bin, which became an even bigger project I didn’t have the time or desire to take on. It sat there for years, causing me mom-guilt every time I saw it.


I fully expected to one day take photos of each and every creation and design a photo book for each year of school. Or if I were really ambitious, maybe I’d create a scrapbook showcasing his scribbles and stick figures. Well, I never even managed to finished his baby book, so….that just wasn’t going to happen.


I needed a simple and guilt-free solution.


I took all the best ideas out there and designed the School Memory Box™.   It stored and preserved all of my son’s school year mementos in ONE keepsake container. I set up it up from pre-K all the way through high school, so I didn’t have to reinvent a system every year. I created Interview Sheets for each year to capture the special memories I didn’t want to risk forgetting.


No fuss. No clutter. No stress. No chaos. No guilt. Easy to maintain. Looks cute. Check!


After talking with my mom friends, I realized that they had the same need for a system, but no time to make it, and were eager to purchase this ready-made solution. It was too good not to share.


Hence, "Systems by Susie™" was born and my mission became relieving mom-guilt everywhere.


I started selling made-to-order personalized and fully assembled School Memory Boxes. I’ve since expanded my shop and now offer other products and systems that will help organize your pantry, playroom, garage, and office. Each product comes with a written guide and video explaining my system and the set-up process.


I also launched my own professional organization business in Annapolis, Maryland.  It is truly so. much. fun. helping busy families set up systems they can maintain and transforming each space from chaos to calm.


A Bit About Me


1. I’m the mom of three AMAZING kids, ages 15, 13, and 9, and the wife of a (now retired) Navy pilot.

2. I grew up in Southern California and live in Annapolis, Maryland, which explains why I still like fish tacos more than crab cakes.

3.  If I’m driving, I’m either listening to a podcast or an audio book.

4.  I’m obsessed with paper planners. 

5.  My favorite family tradition is, “Friday Night, Movie Night, Pizza Night,” a tradition 20 years strong.


What To Do Next


In typical Susie fashion...I’ll make a list:


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Thanks so much for stopping by and let’s talk soon!




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